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Flyscanner: Find cheap flights


If your desire is to travel or you have planned a trip and do not know which airline to choose, you can use Flyscanner, which is nothing more than a computer system that searches for files stored on this website comparing airlines, car rentals, hotels, news, offers, beaches and other services.

By using this website correctly you will be able to optimize 100% much of your time with total security and peace of mind, you can compare more than 1000 flights simultaneously. You will be able to find the cheapest or most convenient flight or airline, so you are free to decide.

We must be clear that Flyscanner is not a flight finder as some people think, nor is it an airline. Travelgenio, Expedia, eDreams and Lastminute are search engines that may seem familiar to you, but in reality they are travel agencies that facilitate flights and you will only navigate between their price list while Flyscanner is out of the ordinary and can be defined as a meta-search engine and acting as such you compare all those flight search engines or travel agencies together with the airlines.

This website is totally free for all its users who are looking for flights, car rentals, hotel reservations or any other of its available services. Moreover, this website is multilingual and offers its services in more than 30 languages such as Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish and others.

Once you get the flight you want, Flyscanner connects you directly to the airline or flight agency to make the purchase directly with them, this means that you will not have to make any payment to Flyscanner but to the agency you are traveling with.

How does Flyscanner work?

Flyscanner is a meta-search engine for flights and other services, it is not a travel agency nor does it sell tickets, it is important that we have this concept very clear in order to understand correctly how this website works.

Once you enter Flyscanner, you can subscribe as you can also simply search for the flight you need without being part of them, once this is done you select the option you want, if what you are looking for is a cheap flight, book a hotel or rent a vehicle in a specific city.

Once you select the option of flights, what you will have to do then is enter the origin, destination, dates and the number of tickets you want in the appropriate fields for each question, then click on search and a list will appear with the cheapest flights of the different airlines.

When you have finally seen the flight that best suits your tastes and needs, what you will have to do is select it by clicking on select and Flyscanner will take care of getting in touch with the airline or travel agency’s website which will sell you the ticket so that you can make the reservation and buy the ticket directly with them in the right way.

It is important that you always remember and be clear that Flyscanner does not make reservations or work with any type of payment for any of its services.

The operation of this website (Flyscanner) is quite simple as you may have noticed, there is nothing complicated about it and it is a great advantage to take full advantage of this service that it offers us, since we can save a great part of our money if we use it correctly. I invite you to enter personally and investigate this website, its operation is that simple even for other sections not related to flights.

How to Book at Flyscanner?

Flyscanner is a search engine for flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurants and other services, where you can find very good deals if you know how to search well and know when to book. If you join or subscribe to the website, you will be constantly receiving notifications of the best deals to make your trip as affordable as possible.

A very interesting point that many people confuse with this meta-search engine and that I will make clear at this time is that Flyscanner does not sell flights, this implies that the reservations you make through Flyscanner and the payments you make through this website, are not directly with them, you make it directly to the airline or agency of the service you chose.

Flyscanner acts in this case as a very optimal intermediary between you and the agency.

To book a flight through this flight search engine, you will have to search for the flight that best suits your needs, once you get your perfect flight or the one you like the most, you will have to press the green button that says see flight and Flyscanner will transfer you directly to the airline or travel agency to finish your booking, so it is through their system that your money is processed, not by Flyscanner.

You might be wondering where my money goes once I book a flight via Flyscanner?

Your money goes directly to the airline or agency you booked not to Flyscanner, that’s why accessing this website and using it is totally free.

Remember that to book your flight you must adapt to the platform of the travel agency or airline you chose and proceed to follow the steps indicated there.

Flyscanner is a simple platform to really use and the steps to try to book a flight are always the same, what changes is the platform of the agency in question.

How to Search for Cheap Flights at Flyscanner?

When you enter this website you will notice different options to search for flights and other services. When you search and browse you will find different flight prices.

This diversity of cost in different flights is very relative, since it not only depends on the chosen airline, other factors of great importance are also part of the game and just below I leave you some recommendations to get cheap flights or on offer at Flyscanner. If you thought that Flyscanner only optimizes costs depending on the airlines let me tell you that you are conveniently wrong.

First of all I must tell you that the best way to find the best price at Flyscanner is to know when to book, that’s why you are reading this article.

  1. Travel in low season: We all know, everywhere in the world that flights, hotels, parks and tourist places increase prices in the season from July to September, simply because most of the inhabitants of the planet are employees and this is the season when the owners of the companies they work for give them a vacation. So if you have the possibility to travel during another time of the year take advantage that you will surely find cheaper prices.
  2. Be flexible: Not all the time we can travel to the most popular places in the world, because it represents spending a big amount of money to go to these places, if this happens don’t worry you can get a cheap flight to cheaper cities with similar characteristics through Flyscanner.
  3. Don’t be afraid of stopovers: We all know that travelling with stopovers can make even the most relaxed person lose his mind but it can mean a great saving of money making stopovers. If your goal is to save money I recommend you to travel with stopovers.
  4. Frequent flyer program: Every time you travel make sure you sign up for their frequent flyer program, you’ll earn points with each trip and later you can get discounted tickets and why not even free ones.

Using the different Flyscanner tools you will be able to find cheap flights. When you enter this website be sure to use it:

  • Price alert
  • Flyscanner Map
  • Multi-route flight
  • Flights to any destination
  • Full month
  • Nearby airports

When to buy flights on Flyscanner?

We all know that in certain seasons of the year the flights, hotels and other services in very touristic places increase in price, in Flyscanner you can find many offers and the best costs even in these seasons in which everything seems to go to the clouds.

Unless you have to travel in an emergency, you can book your flight and travel for a low cost.

Flyscanner notifies you of the best offers from the airlines and when it is the best time to buy flights.

Depending on the city you want to travel to you will find different advantages, Flyscanner has studied and optimized the best time to book to the following cities:

  • Barcelona – Amsterdam buy flight 10 weeks in advance
  • Barcelona – London buy flight 7 weeks in advance.
  • Barcelona – Paris buy flight 14 weeks in advance.
  • Madrid – Bangkok buy flight 24 weeks in advance.
  • Madrid – Rome buy flight 16 weeks in advance.

Remember that Flyscanner is not a website that sells air tickets, it is simply a meta-search engine that optimizes the cheapest flights from different airlines and then you buy directly with the airline the flight that suits you best.

That’s why it recommends the list you saw before, however it’s not the only thing it recommends, if you search well you’ll find that there are other flights in excellent price and Flyscanner even tells you which is the cheapest and most expensive month to travel and has designed a list in which it recommends to follow some steps to get the cheapest flights, next I’ll summarize it a little.

  • Travel in low season: it is recommended not to buy tickets in high demand seasons.
  • Traveling with stopovers: If your desire is to buy cheap flights, one of the best ways to do so is to travel with stopovers.
  • Be flexible: Travel to places that are cheaper and more fun than some you might want to go to and are very expensive.

Pages like Flyscanner

Flyscanner is a flight meta-search engine in which you can compare airlines, flight search engines, car rentals, hotel reservations, offers and many other services. Comparing everything on the same website saves you time and money, since you can see between more than 1,000 different options.

Pages Flyscanner competes with

As we already know Flyscanner is a very well known website but there are others that compete with it such as Kayak, Momondo, Edreams, Logitravel and others, but in this opportunity we will only talk about these four that are the most competitive and reliable for their route.

  • Kayak: It is a great and very prestigious search engine for cheap flights, cars, hotels or travel plus hotel, it also does among comparators, which means that it is very difficult for you to miss the best prices on this website, that is why it is highly recommended that you use it as Flyscanner. They are websites designed for easy handling and use. Many people prefer to use Kayak more than Flyscanner because it has some additional options such as: flexible weekend and multipath.
  • Momondo: This interface is very nice, intuitive and attractive, it serves to search for cheap flights as with Flyscanner, although they have some different functions. The one that characterizes Momondo is that if you are not sure where to travel, you can just select the option “take me anywhere”, once you select the date you want a map will appear with cheaper tickets in those days.
  • Edreams: This website is designed specifically to find flights at the best prices and differs from its competitors in that it gives you the option to select 3 flights at a time, this means that you can go skipping several flights if you want to know different cities or countries, for example you can travel from Singapore to Malaysia, be two days there and then from Malaysia to Spain.
  • Logitravel: This web makes your job easier if you want to look for a flight plus hotel package, the positive thing about this is that you can save some money if you use this option and get a good offer.